Do Weight Loss Food Programs Work?

Do Weight Loss Food Programs Work?

Weight loss food programs are very appealing.  They take away the guesswork, the prep work and, essentially, the rest of the work.  They make sure you’re eating within a certain program’s regulations.  Moreover, they don’t take any more time out of your day and don’t require you to learn complex rules.

As convenient as this all sounds, there is quite a bit of controversy surrounding weight loss food programs. Therefore, it’s important to make sure you understand what they’re all about before deciding that they’re right for you.  Get to know both the advantages and drawbacks of the offering.

Advantages of Weight Loss Food Programs

Weight loss food programs are not all the same.  If you find a good one that will deliver to your area – or where you can pick-up your meals – the convenience can’t be ignored.

Weight loss food programs are not all the same.

Advantages include:

  • No cooking needed – Your meals are ready without the need to prepare them. Typically, they’re eaten as they are or simply need to be heated up.
  • Very little decision making – With the meals already prepared for you, you don’t need to do much thinking about what you will eat. You simply need to select one of the options left in your fridge or freezer.
  • Small learning curve – Since weight loss food programs prepare and portion your meals and snacks for you, you don’t need to learn how to do it right. It’s done on your behalf.

Disadvantages of This Dieting Strategy

  • Cost – Typically speaking, the meals from diet meal delivery plans are much more expensive than the average dish you’d prepare at home. Moreover, many of them are also more expensive than the average take-out meal.
  • Short term – Since these plans don’t require you to have to learn how to change your lifestyle and diet, the benefits continue only as long as you order to meals. Therefore, there is a substantial risk that any weight lost while continuing with these plans will be regained once you start choosing your own foods and portions again.
  • Nutrition balance – Depending on the plan and the meals chosen, you may not receive complete nutrition in the average week. The variety in the meals may be quite limited and many of the meals may be based on the same or similar ingredients. Moreover, they may require you to eat quite a bit of processed food as opposed to dishes made with whole foods.