3G BURN: Our #6 Favorite Weight Management Capsule


3G BURN Review

3G BURN is a non-prescription weight management support capsule.  It is a top diet pill for overweight dieters who want additional support for their weight loss programs, while using an all-natural product.  This pill is a helpful complement to a complete healthy strategy including calorie controlled dieting and regular exercise.  While many dieters have left reviews suggesting that this is a great alternative to prescription diet pills, this product was developed for different reasons and users than drugs such as Phentermine or Adipex.

The reason is that a prescription diet pill is meant to help in a complete obesity treatment. On the other hand, 3G BURN was developed to be used by healthy overweight adults with a starting BMI of 25 to 29.9.  Clearly, Adipex or Phentermine would not be appropriate for the majority of those dieters as they are not obese and therefore do not require obesity treatment.  Still, that doesn’t mean they’re not seeking added weight management support.  That’s where 3G BURN can play an important role in an overall weight control strategy.

This added support, combined with the proprietary all-natural formula, has made 3G BURN very popular among overweight dieters.  That said, it also helps that each of those all-natural ingredients have undergone meticulous clinical research.  Furthermore, these capsules are manufactured in a facility in the United States of America.

Dieters appreciate that while the ingredients in 3G BURN can provide them with a range of helpful weight management support benefits, they are not associated with severe side effects.  Moreover, using these pills is not linked with the development of chemical dependency.

As you can see, it isn’t hard to understand why dieters look to 3G BURN for all-natural weight loss dieting support and why we have added it as a top product on our list.

Why Use 3G BURN?

No matter the specifics of your healthy diet or exercise strategy, the first step you should take is to speak with a licensed healthcare provider.  Your family doctor can provide you with a wealth of knowledge and tips specific to your unique weight loss needs.  This will make it much simpler for you to know that you’re making the best choices for your health and weight loss needs and expectations.

3G BURN’s natural ingredients have been researched as energy boosters as well as focus enhancers.

If you’ve already made your appointment, make sure to discuss your intentions to use 3G BURN while you’re there.  That way, you’ll be able to feel fully confident in your choice.  The official website of the company behind the product, Intechra Health, provides a substantial amount of information about the products and each of its ingredients.  This will help both you and your doctor to know precisely what these natural diet pills contain and what the published research on each ingredient has shown.  It also lets you and your doctor know that this pill doesn’t contain anything that any dieter should avoid, as it does not contain dangerous or banned substances.

3G BURN’s natural ingredients have been researched as energy boosters as well as focus enhancers.  Moreover, they can provide helpful support in keeping up a healthy metabolic rate. These benefits can help dieters following a healthy diet and exercise strategy to overcome some of the top challenges they face to sticking with their programs and giving their best performance.

3G BURN Ingredients

The 3G BURN all-natural proprietary TRI-BURN Complex contains the following ingredients: Garcinia Cambogia Fruit Extract, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Forskohlii Root Extract, Caffeine Anhydrous and Green Tea Leaf Extract. Those substances have each undergone reputable and trusted clinical research.  Those studies have linked the use of those ingredients with:

  • Improved energy levels, to make it easier to keep up your regular workouts and to reach your top performance levels during each exercise, instead of letting fatigue get in your way.
  • Enhanced focus, to let you more naturally keep up with your eating strategy and exercise routine without losing sight of your target and how you want to reach it.
  • Healthy metabolism support, to help you feel completely confident that your body’s systems are humming efficiently, so your eating and fat burning exercise strategies will take you toward success.

3G BURN User Reviews

Dieters regularly leave rave reviews for 3G BURN and its natural formula due to the benefits they’ve experienced as they pursue their weight loss targets.  Moreover, this weight management capsule has also started appearing on some very positive professional reviews and top lists.  This pill consistently receives 5-star customer ratings.

Final 3G BURN Ranking Calculations

The following is a breakdown of the specifics used for ranking and scoring 3G BURN.

Ingredient Safety

Ingredient Safety:

Three ingredients in the all natural 3G BURN formula can be used safely by healthy adults when used in reasonable amounts. 0.3 points added. Inadequate research is available to conclusively prove Forskolin and Garcinia Cambogia’s safety: 4 point deduction.

  • Caffeine (+0.1 points) – WebMD’s examination of this ingredient describes caffeine as likely safe when adults use it within appropriate quantity ranges.
  • Green Tea Leaf Extract (+0.1 points) – This ingredient can be taken orally and in reasonable amounts while being “likely safe”  according to WebMD’s analysis of research.
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract (+0.1 points) – WebMD’s description of green coffee bean extract shows that it is “possibly safe” as long as adults take it according to appropriate directions..

Banned Ingredients (USA): No deductions.

Formula Effectiveness

Ingredients not having undergone clinical research published in peer-reviewed industry journals: No deductions.

Ingredients proven ineffective in clinical research published in peer-reviewed industry journals: No deductions.

Ingredients shown in clinical research published in peer-reviewed industry journals to provide weight management support benefits: 0.6 points added.

  • Green Coffee Bean Extract (+0.2 points) – The Gastroenterology Research and Practice medical journal published the findings of a reputable meta-analysis in which it was demonstrated that green coffee bean is a promising weight loss ingredient and is worthy of additional study. The meta-analysis was based on randomized clinical trial outcomes.
  • Garcinia Cambogia Fruit Extract (+0.2 points) – The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) published a study in which it was shown that the hydroxycitric acid (HCA) in garcinia played an important role in fat mass loss among overweight and obese study participants.
  • Forskohlii Root Extract (+0.2 points) – Research published in the Alternative and Complementary Therapies journal showed that using this substance can help to reduce body fat in overweight participants when combined with regular daily exercise.

Ingredients clinically proven to provide significant weight management support in clinical research published in peer-reviewed industry journals: 0.6 points added.

  • +0.3 points – An Obesity medical journal study showed a connection between the use of caffeine and improved thermogenesis, increased energy levels and suppressed leptin.
  • Green tea (+0.3 points) – The Obesity journal published a green tea study in which it was clearly demonstrated that the use of this ingredient helped to increase thermogenesis, suppress leptin levels and enhance energy among the participants who used it.

Overall User Reviews

Average user rating: 1 point added. 3G BURN maintains an average 4.9 star user review rating.










  • Enhanced Energy*
  • Active Lifestyle Support
  • All-Natural Formula
  • Clinically Researched Ingredients
  • Manufactured in a USA Facility


  • Not vegan friendly (contains gelatin)
  • Some dieters have stimulant sensitivities